KTC Commits to Sustainable Coconut


We are delighted to announce that we have further strengthened our commitment to sustainable commodities by becoming a member of The Sustainable Coconut and Coconut Oil Roundtable.

As part of this, we have signed the sustainable coconut charter - a voluntary framework which sets a global benchmark for sustainable coconut origins.

A Closer Look – The Sustainable Coconut and Coconut Oil Roundtable

Established to address the production challenges associated with the coconut industry, The Sustainable Coconut and Coconut Oil Roundtable is dedicated to achieving a fairer and more sustainable future for coconut buyers, processors and suppliers. Key goals include improving smallholder livelihoods and incomes, replanting trees, improving productivity, enhancing traceability and reducing deforestation and encroachment.

By signing the charter, we are actively showing our support for the cause, and agreeing to a specific set of principles and goals in place to contribute to the ongoing development of more sustainable practices throughout the coconut industry.

This also means working to address current production challenges, including senile (ageing) trees, natural disasters, disaggregated and complex value chain structures and producers’ limited access to market, technical and financial knowledge. Overcoming these challenges will help to address stagnating yields, low income and a low incentive to invest in coconut production.

Gary Lewis, Chief Commercial Officer at KTC, said:

“We’re committed to leading the way on sustainability, and being part of the Sustainable Coconut and Coconut Oil Roundtable is integral to that process.

“We’re investing heavily in reducing the environmental impact of our operations wherever possible – so we’re delighted to join other industry leaders as we collaboratively strive to make sustainable coconut oil the standard across the full supply chain.”

Demonstrating Our Commitment to Sustainability

The decision to join The Sustainable Coconut and Coconut Oil Roundtable builds on our previous sustainability milestones. In September 2022, we delivered on our ambitious commitment to offer only 100% segregated certified sustainable palm oil to our customers as part of a promise to the RSPO Shared Responsibility Initiative.

Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact is also reflected in our industry accreditations and compliances, which include being certified by The Soil Association, The Vegan Society and RSPO (The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).

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