KTC Expands Bakery Offering With Big Investment In Cardowan Creameries


We are proud to announce we are expanding our position in the bakery business with a seven-figure investment in Glasgow's renowned Cardowan Creameries Ltd.

As part of our ongoing development plans, we acquired the Cardowan Creameries in March 2023, aiming to double the site capacity and launch an expanded range of sustainable speciality bakery fats.

With this move, we want to demonstrate our commitment to the site's growth as we continually meet the evolving needs of bakery businesses and food manufacturers.

Gary Lewis, Sales Director at KTC Edibles, shared our company’s vision, stating:

"We acquired Cardowan to grow the business. The site has a strong reputation in the food industry, an amazing history in Glasgow, and a highly skilled team. We are investing in its potential by expanding the premises, introducing new capabilities, and adding to the talented workforce."

"By combining heritage, expertise, and industry-leading facilities, KTC aims to benefit customers across the bakery industry, offering bakery businesses and food manufacturers unparalleled choice, innovative solutions, and sustainable ingredients."

Through this investment, we want to show our dedication to delivering sustainable ingredients to the bakery sector and position the Cardowan business and Its customers for success in an increasingly environmentally conscious market.

To keep things running smoothly, we appointed Christopher Holland as the new General Manager to oversee the day-to-day operations at the Glasgow site.

Holland will bring a wealth of experience and expertise to help drive growth and development to the newly acquired business.

Established in 1930, Cardowan is a specialist margarine manufacturer holding reputable status for over 90 years. Cardowan's expertise in crafting exceptional bakery products, including vegans and RSPO-certified options, has made them a trusted supplier of margarine, shortenings, and bread fats to manufacturers and wholesalers across the UK and internationally.

With this new development, we aim to cement our strong reputation of unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability – backed by four decades of experience, supplying more than 250 million litres of cooking oils annually.

We intend to keep pushing for more sustainability within the oil and fats industry, ensuring all our palm oil is certified as RSPO segregated sustainable.

About KTC Edibles Ltd

KTC Edibles Ltd is the UK's largest supplier of edible oils, providing high-quality products to food service, wholesalers, bakery businesses, and food manufacturers. With a history spanning over four decades, KTC has built a reputation for delivering exceptional cooking oils while prioritizing sustainability. The company employs more than 410 people across its sites in Wednesbury and Liverpool, supplying over 250 million litres of cooking oils annually. For more information, visit https://www.ktcoilsandfats.co.uk.